Hello, my name is Ece and I am 21. I study Audiology at Bahcesehir University. I am a responsible person and I am always open to new things. I love watching fantastic movies and making projects about them. I am a self-taught artist who enjoys watching art related videos to learn more.

I joined ESN Bahcesehir in 2017 and I immediately fell in love with this community. I am the President of ESN Bahcesehir and a member of the Sponsorship & Project Committee of ESN Turkey.

ESN has been giving me the opportunity for improving my soft and hard skills. I’ve learned more about communication skills, stress and time management. I am aware of the importance of teamwork. I had a lot of experience within ESN Bahcesehir and therefore, I care about our corporate identity. Lastly, I believe if we work together and be positive about our duties, we can manage everything easily.